How To Download and Save Facebook Videos (All Possible Methods)


There is no doubt! Facebook become the vast video sharing platform all over the world in between there are lots of useful videos are uploaded daily but unfortunately, there is no option to download facebook video to watch offline, To download facebook videos there are lots of third party websites, extensions, software, android & iOS apps, which helps us to download facebook videos, Third-party methods are the only option left to download facebook videos whether its a private facebook video or having any high-quality facebook video through these you can easily save facebook video in computer or any device, Here in the article I will tell you those websites, software, smartphone apps and all possible ways through which you can download your favorite facebook videos.

Methods To Download Facebook Videos

  1. Using Online Website Downloaders
  2. Using Third-Party Software in PC
  3. Using Third-Party Android & iOS Apps
  4. Using Extensions

1. Using Online Website Downloaders


Here is the first best online website through which you can download your Facebook videos in High, Medium quality or you can also convert video into mp3, the website gives you the feature of QR code through you can download the video directly into your smartphone. The best thing is its a free download website where you can also download private facebook videos.

Steps to Download Facebook Videos with

1. Firstly open your Facebook Account and choose the video you want to download.

2. Right Click on the video and copy the URL which is seen.

3. Now just go to the website getfvid and paste that copied URL and click download.

4. That’s it now choose the quality you want to download a facebook video.


Here is another great free facebook video downloader where you can download unlimited videos in high-quality whether you are using a computer or an android through both you can easily download the video.

Steps to Download Facebook Video with Saveas

  • First Open a Facebook account and choose video for download
  • Copy the URL by just right-click on it.
  • The third step paste the copied URL in the saves given tab and click download
  • Choose video quality and save it to your device.

3. FB

Here is another great alternative website which will give you the option to download facebook video and in the best quality, the website having lots of great option of video quality, if you want to download any live video then you can also download from here, after finishes that live video.

Steps to download facebook videos from FB

  • From facebook account choose your favorite video
  • Right-click in the video you have to download
  • Copied the last one URL of the video and go to the website
  • Paste the copied URL and click on the download
  • Choose the quality as you want and save it that’s it.

2. Using Third-Party Software in PC

1. Facebook Video Downloader

Here is the PC software through which you can download your video in the different quality as high you want like 1080P, 2K,4K and many more different qualities you can download that much high quality you cant download in an online website, so use this software to download your favorite videos in an easy and fast way.

Best Features In Facebook video Downloader

  • You can download your video in high quality
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Runs in every window platforms

2. Ease us Sofware

Here is another best alternate software through which you can download your facebook video in the high quality, The best feature I like is here you can choose the folder link to download the multiple videos, sometimes you can’t download with slow connection that time you can copy the link and make the folder after you can download using the ease us software.

Best Feature In facebook Downloader with easeus

  • A fast and very convenient way to download facebook videos
  • Download videos automatically with folders
  • Works in all platforms

3. Using Third-Party Android & iOS Apps

1. Video Downloader for Facebook

Here is the first android app through which you can download free facebook video without getting into login, this app makes for the privacy, using the app you can download videos in really good quality.

Steps to download facebook video

Here you just have to install the app in your smartphone and choose the videos which you wanna download and where you will see three dots click on it and you will see the option for download.

Install: Video Downloader for Facebook

2. In short Video Downloader

Here is another amazing app to download facebook video here you don’t have to go anywhere or copy any link, here whenever the video will showing it will automatically ask you to download the video, then it up to you to download or not.

Best feature In In short Downloader

  • Fast and easy to download
  • You can easily share videos with your friends
  • The app is free to use

Install: In short Video

3. My Video Downloader

If you are looking for facebook video as well as GIF video then my video downloader s the best app for you here you can also share the GIF video or any facebook video after downloading on WhatsApp or any social platforms, The app having a great user interface with lots of helpful features.

Best Features in My video downloader

  • Best User interface and a lot of options.
  • It will categorize the video as there genre
  • Change destination and playback

Install: My Video Downloader

4. Using Chrome Extensions

1. Web Videos Saver

Here is the google chrome extension through which you can download face video in just one click, the extensions have lots of different quality here you don’t need to copy any URL from video, The extension will automatically detect the video as per your cursor go through, you just have to click on download it will automatically download video in given quality.

It’s really a great extension to avoid any URL copied like online websites, this extension will work on any video platform where you want to download but it’s available in chrome only.

Extension: Web Videos Saver

2. Universal Video Downloader

Here is another most popular video downloader where you can download facebook videos with Instagram and much more social platforms video in just one click, The extension allows you to download videos in any formate as you want like mp4, mp3 an many more, really a great extension to be used as an alternate of web videos saver.

Extension: Universal Video Downloader

Wrapping up: How To Download Facebook Videos

These all above are the best way through which you can download your favorite videos from facebook, whether its a private or live video you can easily download in any device like PC, Android, iOS, or tablets. These methods are sure works from which I can download my facebook videos and really its work well, My favorite method is google chrome extension and an android app through which I can fastly download facebook video,

Which one is your favorite method ?? and is there any more method to download video, comment down so that I will add on the list.

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8 Best Cartoon Picture Apps For Android (Latest) 2019


No Doubt! Cartoons are the most loved genre in the world and all we are growing by watching cartoons pictures, and shows in television or in the smartphones, how great it looks if we can convert our pictures that look like our favorite cartoons, To do that, there are lots of great androids and iOS apps are available through which you can easily convert your picture into cartoon you can also add different effects and looks as you want, Here in the article I will tell you those best cartoon picture android and iOs apps through which you can turn your picture into cartoon.

Best Cartoon Picture Apps For Android & iOS

1. MomentCam Cartoons & Stickers

Here is the first best cartoon picture app (Moment Cam) in the list, here you can turn your pictures into some funny cartoon style and emotions, The android app having more then 50M+ downloads and having the craze to change picture in another great look, here you can also customize picture for example hairs, eyes and many more like a photo editor you can also change the background as per your cartoon style to make it more awesome look, you should have to give a try.

Best Feature In (Moment Cam) Cartoon Picture app

  1. Having Lots of cartoon options to change your picture
  2. Best editing and customize option
  3. Fast and easy to share
  4. Best watercolor portrait options

Download: Moment Cam (Free)

2. Cartoon Pictures -Cartoon Photo Editor

Here is another great cartoon picture app where you can do multiple of edit in the single app like here you can edit art filter, cartoon effects, and artist and much more, its an simple and easy to use photo editor where you can make an amazing photo with lots of cartoons styles, The best feature I like in cartoon Picture app is here you can take live photo editing by taking selfies without saving on phones, & without slowing down your phone, here you will get the lots of effect in free version while editing pictures to make the perfect cartoon image.

Best Feature In (Cartoon Picture- photo editor )app

  1. Having Multiple Options to Make the best Cartoon Picture
  2. Fast and Easy to use
  3. Having lots of color pencil effects and also oil painting to make perfect
  4. Have the option of Cartoon Camera in live selfies.

Download: Cartoon Pictures – Photo Editor (Free)

3. Cartoon Photo Editor

If you looking for lots of different cartoon character and having filters then cartoon photo editor is best for you here you can change your photo in various cartoon styles that be like real and having unique artworks, with there artistic effects you can make your picture like a professional photo editor. The best feature is here you can also edit your full videos into some cartoon filters that look amazing artworks you should have to try, The app contains ads for that you have to go for a pro to remove ads and having more advance feature to make cartoon picture image, thumbs up to the cartoon photo editor.

Best Feature in (Cartoon Photo Editor) app

  1. You can also Change video in cartoon style
  2. Having lots of filters to change
  3. Fast and just one click change photo in cartoon
  4. Take cartoon Picture through Camera

Download: Cartoon Photo Editor (Free)

4. Camart- Cartoon Photo

Camart is another cartoon picture app which gives you the option to make your picture better with there editing option by applying artistic and cartoon, using the app you can take selfies and make a beautiful artwork in yourself, Camart having lots of filters to use like my favorite pencil and watercolor that make the image perfect than before with high quality, here you can also have the option to share the edited image to your friends online on any social network. Great cartoon Photo app if you need some amazing filters to make picture awesome.

Best Feature in (Camart) Cartoon Picture app

  1. Lots of new filters
  2. Number of variation you can choose
  3. You can Share your picture online of social networks
  4. Best Cartoon Picturize

Download: Camart (Free)

5. Comics and Cartoon Maker

If you looking for combo of meme and cartoon picture then this app is best for you, here you can generate meme type image of yourself or others with the great combination of cartoons, here you will the best comics photos through which you can change your photo with that, The app having lots of great filters effect using them you can edit your cartoon image as you want. The app will easily run on any smartphones its a lightweight app that will give you the best smooth performance while changing picture to cartoon.

Best Feature in (Comic and Cartoon Maker) app

  1. Best to make a simple meme
  2. Best to edit your cartoon picture with effects and filters
  3. Fast and smooth performance
  4. Easy to Use

Download: Comic and Cartoon Maker (Free)

6. Painnt-Pro Art Filters

Painnt is the app where you can create a real cartoonist image of your photos, it uses AI tech to make the more advanced art, here you can also customize your photos with the lots of beautiful colors and painting, it contains 1000+ filters which you can use to make the unique cartoon image with there fine tunning with high-resolution image download and you can also share that image with your friends, this app is best to make your picture like a real cartoon filter image you should have to try painnt pro art filter.

Best Feature in (Painnt-Pro Art Filters) Cartoon picture app

  1. Having awesome tons of filters to make picture amazing
  2. Download image in high resolution
  3. Great Comic book character images

Download: Painnt (Free)

7. Go, Art,

Go Art is is an amazing artistic image creator app where you can convert your image into the best artists cartoon image which is based on AI technology effect here you will get the lots of great variety of effects which is regularly updated to make the app perfect, if you want to make your image an extraordinary from the other cartoon images app then this app is best for you, Go art is the best art photo maker you have to use to create awesome image with download in high resolution. If you need a more advanced feature to unlock then you have to pay for that otherwise you can also use the free version of that

Best feature in (Go art) Cartoon Picture app

  1. It will make the image awesome with there tons of art
  2. Fast and easy to use
  3. Save your image in high resolution
  4. Use the paid version for more advanced unlocks

Download: Go art (Free)

8. Prisma

Here is the most famous app in iOS and Android where you can make your image perfect with there filter that also works as a cartoon image, most of the time Prisma is on craze in the world, its an most powerful and creativity app, through Prisma you can create an image with extra photo effects and also make the image as a Picasso, much and many more it contains more than 300 styles arts and more art updated daily to make the image perfect. Prisma is the best app to be used to create awesome art with filter and cartoonist image.

Best Feature in (Prisma) app

  1. Most popular and easy to edit pictures
  2. Having lots of art style
  3. Make photos look like a Picasso painting

Download: Prisma (Free)

Wrapping Up: Cartoon Picture App

These are the best chosen Cartoon Picture app through which you can create or convert the image into a cartoon image, Every app have there different characteristics that you have to take a look, every app is easily available in android play store as well as in iOS , you can use link to go to the cartoon picture app, I mostly use cartoon picture- editor app to look like cartoon, which app you like the most comment down.

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Best Sleep Game To Calm Mind Before Fall Asleep


Sometimes the worst situation is when you are working the whole day and wants some sleep at night, but you can’t calm your mind, there was some activity that is running in mind which makes you, so much uncomfortable and frustrated to make the sleep, sometimes I have the same problem and don’t know what to do at that time, for this problem I have find the solution in my games which may also help you to fall asleep at right time, Here in this article I will tell you some sleep games that will clear your mind by there relaxing music and graphics which you should have to play before going to sleep for make your mind more comfortable, You must have to try these Android sleep games to fall Asleep.

Best Sleep Games Which Make You Sleepy Faster

1 Owl Can’t Sleep

Here is first sleep game (Owl Can’t Sleep) that you need, to calm you mind activity, The gameplay is very simple and easy here you have to tap and release the owl to jump from one position to another to make the game little harder there are spikes at top and bottom whenever you hit that owl get died, so to maintain the position you have to tap as per that not hit on spikes and tap quickly otherwise the bottom spikes will hit the owl, In the gameplay the sound is very relaxing that will remove the unrelated activity from your mind, In the game you have to be aware while tapping and releasing the owl so that owl not died.

There are lots of new owl character you can choose when you clear the level but the game needs the skill to clear it, after clearing the levels you will be happy and satisfied and then easy to fall asleep, really a very interesting game you should have to play.

Download: Owl Can’t Sleep (Free)

2. Mmm Fingers 2

Here is the another great game (Mmm Fingers 2) if you are a challenging accepted person like me then this game is for you, here you need little concentration and you will clear the levels, In the gameplay you need to pass through spikes monster where they will try to stop you if they touch you then your game is over and the challenge is you have to hold the finger on screen to live in the game, Game having very nice graphics monster and beautiful background sound that will remove your all mind activities, Its a portrait one-touch game that makes you excited to be on next level.

The best part in the is when the monsters bit you, its really a painfull moment and the background sound is like MMm, really such a beautiful game to play before going to sleep.

Download: Mmm Fingers 2 (Free)


3. My Oasis- Calming and Relaxing Game

Here is the game( My Oasis) which make your mind free and calm, In the game there are lots of beautiful sounds and musics which make you the worth living, In-game there is no tough controls or any stressful mindbending related thing in the gameplay you just have to upgrade your oasis by tapping on it and their smooth music will fall you asleep fast, While playing the game it will make you mood change with there peaceful sounds of the gaming atmosphere, but before playing the sleep game you must use earphone to be better relaxation.

The best thing I like in the game is the atmosphere and there visual graphics which makes the game more relaxing and the outer touch of there smooth pieces of music in the background, thumbs up to the game, you should have to play.

Download: My Oasis (Free)

4. Antistress Toys

Antistress toys are the perfect way to time pass when you get bored or need some relaxation from the daily working life, In the game you will find the various toys collections which will help to make your mood well within a minute, In the collection you will get toys like you wooden boxes to play with it, water tub to play with water by dropping hand and swing, chalks to draw something, tap buttons and many more daily use things that will relax your mind and make you calm to fall asleep.

The best part of anti-stress toys sleeps game is the beautiful sound coming when we play or tapping on some toys that’s really a very calming mood time, my favorite toy tap button to tap lots of time with great sound.

Download: Antistress Toys (Free)

5. Evil Cogs

Here is the game (Evil Cogs) where you have to explore the world by just the single beam of light, you have to defeat the darkness in the mystic world, the gameplay is really very interesting and stage where you have to find the right path to get out from the dangerous-looking environment, The graphics of the game, is really very well with the smooth tiny sound that makes the mind free from the stress and let you be sleep, In the game as you go further the way you will see clear so don’t afraid just go on the way.

Play the evil cogs a something different and strange game which makes you more aware and make you feel good after covers the levels.

Download: Evil Cogs (Free)


Here is the adventure game (Miriam) where all the things are black and white in the someone girl strange dream, you have to find the way to come out, the game is little challenging with the combo of the arcade, puzzle, and adventure. The graphics visuals are really great with the silent sound in someone dream, there are lots of obstacles are on the way for sure you have to pass and escape and survives in the game.

The game for the long vision person who is interested to play the imaginative game with a high level of design, the game contains 24 stages that you have to clear, you should have to try the game once really a very peaceful game in sleep game list.

Download: Miriam (Free)

7. Relaxing Lines

Here is the game ( Relaxing game ) Where you have to connect the dots with each other but be careful you have to only connect those dots who have the same color so that the fluid will flow from it, the game is really interesting and puzzle game with smooth-touch and having the infinite loops, The part which makes the game relating is the sound and visuals color which make you fall asleep.

Here in the game, there is 3 type of puzzle you can play like classic, cross, turn with having 2000 different levels variation, you can easily play as much as you can when sleep does not come you should have to try the game once for sure.

Download: Relaxing Lines (Free)

Wrapping Up: Best Sleep Games in 2019

These are the best sleep game which I will play whenever, I am frustrated from not sleeping at right time, after playing these game you will definitely fall asleep all of the above game has very beautiful and calming music that will relax your mind, all of these games are easily playable in android and you can download those games from play store, and tell me theses game will help you to fall asleep or not by writing in comment section.

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