Scammers Use AI To Fake CEO’s Voice, Transfer $243,000

[ad_1] We all know how AI has advanced over the years and is continuing to do so for a better future. While AI helps us in numerous ways, it also contributes to malicious activities as suggested by a new cybercriminal case. AI used in money fraud As hinted by a report by the Wall Street […]

Entrepreneur Arry Yu wants the Pacific Northwest blockchain community to find its voice – 10minmail

[ad_1] Arry Yu (left) and Lawrence Lerner are part of the founding team of the Cascadia Blockchain Council. (10minmail Photo / James Thorne) For her first 18 years, Arry Yu was selectively mute. Due to a childhood trauma, she spoke very little, but watched the people and interactions around her very much. She became a […]

Earmuffs, Alexa! Amazon to let users opt out of human review of voice recordings, amid scrutiny – 10minmail

[ad_1] (10minmail Photo / Nat Levy) Amazon became the latest tech giant to let users of its voice assistant opt out of human review of their voice recordings, after similar announcements from Apple and Google. The move Friday afternoon followed revelations from Bloomberg and others about an Amazon team consisting of thousands of people who […]