What critics thought of the Batman villain’s standalone debut

[ad_1] The Joker has been depicted by so many actors that it’s hard to remember them all. Whether it’s the hyperactive and goofy Cesar Romero, the hilarious and witty Jack Nicholson, the menacing and magnetic Heath Ledger, or Jared Leto, everybody has a favorite live-action Joker. One thing none of those actors got to do, […]

Darkseid & the Female Furies Are the Villains in DC’s New Gods Movie

[ad_1] Darkseid and the Female Furies will be the villains in DC’s The New Gods movie. Director Ava DuVernay revealed the news on social media when responding to fan questions. The ruler of Apokolips was originally supposed to be in Justice League, but the villain was cut out and is only in the mythical Zack […]