Breaking Bad Movie Gets a Music Video Recap That Will Get You Hyped for El Camino

[ad_1] Netflix is continuing their hype for the upcoming debut of El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie on the streaming service with a new teaser video. Set to the music of “Enchanted” by Chloe X Halle, the video compiles clips of Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman throughout all five seasons of Breaking Bad, from his […]

Ever dreamed of designing your own video games? Here’s how to do it.

[ad_1] Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission. Learn basic game design and create your own logos, backgrounds, UI, and animation with this six-class bundle. Image: Pixabay By StackCommerceMashable Deals2019-09-08 09:00:00 UTC TL;DR: Get the in-depth Academy of Game Design Certification Bundle and master basic […]

Working in video games; the latest findings on sleep; and more – 10minmail

[ad_1] Working in video games; the latest findings on sleep; and more – 10minmail By administrator September 6, 2019  10minmail, findings, games, latest, sleep, Video, Working Kerry Davis has been working at Valve for more than 15 years. (DigiPen Photo) — Working in video games is something lots of young (and not so young) people […]

Skype adds message drafts and a photo and video preview panel

[ad_1] Skype users, good news: A raft of new features are heading your way. Microsoft today announced the rollout of message bookmarks and message drafts, the latter of which enable you to save incomplete replies without sending them. Additionally, the Seattle company took the wraps off of a new preview screen that shows photos, videos, […]

How to Know Who Viewed Your Instagram Video or Story

[ad_1] We’ve all been there: you post a video on Instagram, see the views start rolling in, and then you start to wonder…who viewed my Instagram videos? Or perhaps you’ve watched someone else’s video far too many times and suddenly panic, wondering whether they can see that you’ve just spent the past 10 minutes watching […]

Ghostbusters 2020 Set Video Shows Upgraded Ecto-1 in Action

[ad_1] The Ecto-1 is back with what appears to be a few major changes. Some new photos and video from the Ghostbusters 2020 set have found their way online and we have a closer look at these upgrades while seeing the iconic vehicle in action. This is the second round of substantial set leaks to […]

This tiny console will bring back your video game-obsessed past

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Dramatic plays caught on video lead TINYpulse to 2019 softball championship in IT Sports League – 10minmail

[ad_1] Dramatic plays caught on video lead TINYpulse to 2019 softball championship in IT Sports League – 10minmail By administrator August 9, 2019  10minmail, caught, championship, Dramatic, lead, League, plays, softball, Sports, TINYpulse, Video The Tinypulse team, along with IT Sports League organizer Steve Mayeda, hoists the championship trophy for the 2019 softball season in […]

Snack Video offers bite-sized tutorials for info-hungry, time-crunched startups – 10minmail

[ad_1] The Snack Team, from left to right: Sunny Wu, Gordon Sun, Duncan Keith, Anting Chen, and Karalyn Smith. (Snack Photo) Startup founders and employees have a reputation for working outlandishly long hours as they race to build their business before running out of money. Knowing that time is at a premium, Seattle-based startup Snack […]

Angry Birds 2 Is Now Highest-Rated Video Game Movie, Did It Crack the Curse?

[ad_1] In a bit of unexpected news, The Angry Birds Movie 2 has just become the highest-rated video game movie ever on Rotten Tomatoes. For years, Hollywood has had more than a little trouble adapting video games for the big screen, but it hasn’t been for a lack of trying. However, in recent years major […]