Car2go adds new ‘zone-based pricing structure’ in Seattle to get more vehicles into the urban core – 10minmail

[ad_1] A car2go vehicle in Seattle. (10minmail Photo) Car2go is implementing a new pricing structure in Seattle next month to encourage drivers to leave cars in the busiest part of town. Customers will be charged new fees if they leave their vehicles in certain areas. The move comes after ReachNow shut down in Seattle last […]

Tarantino’s Star Trek Movie Elicits Strong Thoughts from Karl Urban

[ad_1] It’s not clear if Paramount Pictures will actually make Quentin Tarantino’s proposed, R-rated Star Trek movie, which has been described as Pulp Fiction in space. However, Karl Urban, who plays Bones in the current iteration of the franchise, believes the studio would be crazy not to let Tarantino do this. Though, it may not […]