Is Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker set up to fail by following Heath Ledger?

[ad_1] Same same…but different (Picture: Warner Bros) So Joaquin Phoenix is about to blow our minds as Joker, but I can’t help but shake the feeling he’s being set up to fail. No shade on the man, the actor, the character – all stalwarts of pop culture and rooted deep in our vernacular. But how […]

Joaquin Phoenix’s ‘started to go mad’ amid 52lb Joker weight loss

[ad_1] Joaquin has revealed the preparation for Joker (Picture: WB) Preparing for the role of Joker had Joaquin Phoenix ‘going mad’, as he shed 52lbs for the troubled comic character. The 44-year-old actor lost a lot of weight to portray Batman’s most famous foe in the upcoming DC Comics origins story and has now admitted […]