New Tesla Jobs In USA, VW SEAT Unveils Electric SUV, And Feds Punish Tesla

[ad_1] New Tesla jobs in the states of California and Colorado in the US came up recently on the company’s website. The ‘controversy-free’ rise of Tesla in the past few months is a sure shot sign of steady growth. Over the past few weeks, Tesla has received some good news after the other, from the […]

Porsche unveils its first Tesla competitor

[ad_1] The first electric Porsche sedan is here and ready to take on Tesla’s Model S — for a price. To make a point about the long-awaited German car’s sustainability, the Taycan was unveiled simultaneously on Wednesday at Niagara Falls in Canada (representing hydropower), at a solar farm near Berlin, and at a wind farm […]

Elon Musk promised cheaper Tesla Insurance and it’s here, sorta

[ad_1] Back in April, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced a new product: Tesla Insurance.  He said it’d be here in about a month. Fast forward a few months (it took four), and the electric car company’s own insurance program is a real thing.  Tesla Insurance was revealed on Wednesday, but only for California Tesla owners. […]

2020 Chevy Bolt Gets Range Boost; Becomes Potential Tesla Model 3 Killer

[ad_1] The upcoming 2020 Chevy Bolt has received a significant battery boost of 19 miles which makes the total battery range of the potential Tesla Model 3 killer to 259 miles. The base Tesla Model 3 has a range of total battery range of around 238 miles. The 2019 Chevy Bolt is quite a fun […]

Tesla is reportedly planning to increase EV prices in China on August 30

[ad_1] The ongoing trade war between the US and China has continued to escalate lately, and it’s already having an impact on many US businesses due to back-and-forth tariffs. Some have been forced to stockpile additional inventory ahead of the holidays to avoid increased import costs in the coming months, whereas others are warning that […]

Elon Musk’s orbiting Tesla Roadster has a full trip around the sun

[ad_1] A year in the life of Starman lasts about 557 of our Earth days. The Tesla Roadster that SpaceX sent into outer space in Feb. 2018 has now completed one full  orbit around the sun. The distance “driven” amounts to roughly 762 million miles which, according to Where Is Roadster?, means the car’s 36,000 […]