Telegram C# C2 – A Command and Control Tool for Telegram Bot Communication

[ad_1] Command and Control for C# WritingAuthor: LeiothrixTelegram: @LeiothrixTwitter: @wh4am1Team: QQ愛&Love Install Nuget download these package using System.IO; using Telegram.Bot; using Telegram.Bot.Args; using Telegram.Bot.Types.InputFiles; using AForge.Video; using AForge.Controls; using AForge.Video.DirectShow; Add related classes in ‘References’ System.Drawing; System.Windows.Forms; How to used Modify your Token to the program static void Main() botClient = new TelegramBotClient(“token”); //Your Token […]

Telegram Has 63 Days To Launch Its ‘Gram’ Cryptocurrency Or It’s Over

[ad_1] Even though Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency is surrounded by controversies and challenges posed by legislators, Telegram is buckling up to launch its own cryptocurrency called ‘Gram.’ But things aren’t easy for Telegram either. According to a New York Times report, the company has to release its Gram cryptocurrency in the next 63 days or it […]