When is Cruella released and who’s in the cast with Emma Stone?

[ad_1] I wish I was a punk rocker with two tones in my hair… (Picture: Disney Studios / Instagram) Taylor Swift might have released a song called Cruel Summer, but it’s looking more like a Cruella one now. We got our first sneak peek of the character’s origin movie, featuring Emma Stone’s take on 101 […]

Endgame Honest Trailer Leaves No Infinity Stone Unturned

[ad_1] The latest edition of Honest Trailers is here to take on Avengers: Endgame, and they’ve left no Infinity Stone unturned in their quest to (lovingly) rip the biggest movie of all time a new one. While the team behind the series clearly has some love for Marvel’s epic conclusion to the Infinity Saga, they […]