Creed II Director Really Upset Stallone by Cutting Rocky Vs. Drago Rematch

[ad_1] Rocky Balboa and Ivan Drago had a bit of a rematch in a deleted scene from Creed II, and Sylvester Stallone was pretty unhappy to see it hit the cutting room floor. Fans of the franchise will remember when Dolph Lundgren portrayed the brutal Russian boxer fighting the Italian Stallion in Rocky IV. The […]

Does The Purge 5 Want Sylvester Stallone in the Lead?

[ad_1] Could Sylvester Stallone be joining the cast of The Purge 5? This is a potentially very juicy suggestion. It’s something we can’t even necessarily place in the rumor mill. Instead, we’re just connecting some dots. So don’t take this is as a sure thing. Instead, hear us out, as we’ll go through some recent […]