Russo brothers ‘not devastated or surprised’ Spider-Man is leaving MCU

[ad_1] The Russo brothers share their thoughts on Spider-Man leaving the MCU (Picture: Joanne Davidson/REX/Shutterstock) After it was revealed Spider-Man would be leaving the Marvel Cinematic Universe after negotiations between Marvel Studios and Sony fell flat, directing duo Anthony and Joe Russo have revealed they’re not at all surprised. In fact, they sort of saw […]

Tom Holland’s Spider-Man: Far From Home writers confirmed for third movie

[ad_1] Spider-Man: Far From Home grossed over £900 million at the global box office (Picture: Marvel Studios) Tom Holland fans fear not. If you liked Spider-Man: Far From Home then you’re going to love the news that Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers are confirmed to write the third movie for the franchise. Earlier this week […]

Stan Lee’s daughter is pro Spider-Man Disney switch and fans don’t know what to think

[ad_1] Joan isn’t happy with Disney or Marvel (Picture: Rex) Spider-Man fans are boycotting Sony after it was unable to come to an agreement with Disney, and Stan Lee’s daughter has waded into the battle, throwing her support behind the corporation. The late and great Stan Lee founded Marvel comics and co-created Spider-Man, and he […]

Spider-Man: Fans have theories on how MCU exit will affect storyline

[ad_1] Spider-Man…what will become of him? (Picture: Sony) Today is a confusing day for Marvel fans with the news Spider-Man may be leaving the MCU following a breakdown in negotiations between Sony and Disney. With Sony owning part of the comic character’s movie likeness but allowing him to appear in Marvel Studios projects, Disney – […]

Avengers’ Tom Holland poses in car amid Sony and Marvel Spider-Man row

[ad_1] Tom’s not bothered (Picture: Instagram/REX) Tom Holland is seemingly completely not bothered about the drama between Sony and Marvel over Spider-Man as he posed away in his new car. He’s just chilling and we can’t blame him for it. Fans were left furious after it was reported that Spider-Man would no longer be in […]

What movie franchises does Sony own after Spider-Man decision?

[ad_1] (Picture: Rex) Spider-Man is set to leave the Marvel Cinematic Universe after Disney failed to agree a deal with Sony Pictures, according to reports. The news surprised fans and has led to some starting a petition to try and keep your friendly neighbourhood superhero in the hands of the Marvel team. Sony Pictures Entertainment […]