Adam DeVine Is Tormented by an Evil Smartphone

[ad_1] Lionsgate has just dropped a new Green Band trailer for Jexi. The comedy tells the story of a smartphone’s A.I. assistant taking over Phil’s (Adam Devine) life. At the start, things seem to be working out perfectly, but that soon changes. The Siri-like application quickly learns how to ruin Phil’s life. While that should […]

This new smartphone satire is like ‘Fleabag’ for wannabe influencers

[ad_1] Be honest: How many actual human beings know you better than your phone does? Even your best friend doesn’t see the messages you type, then delete; the photos that never make it to Instagram; the over-the-line tweets in your Drafts folder; the things you shouldn’t have to Google, but do anyway. Imagine you accidentally […]

Who’da thunk? Smartphone ‘failure’ Microsoft now has the top free app and paid game on Apple’s iOS – 10minmail

[ad_1] Microsoft’s Mixer game streaming platform and Minecraft mobile game are both currently atop two key charts on Apple’s mobile platform. (Screenshots Via iOS App Store) It wasn’t long ago that Microsoft was spending billions of dollars to write off the major acquisition of Nokia, and retreat from the smartphone business. Since then, the tech […]