‘I’m the first space pirate!’ How tardigrades were secretly smuggled to the moon

[ad_1] For the last four months, Nova Spivack has been busting with a cosmic secret he couldn’t tell the world. And even if he did, he knew it would sound implausibly Star Wars-esque. He had put tiny eight-legged creatures in suspended animation in epoxy, “like the way Jabba the Hutt had Han Solo,” Spivack says. […]

Christopher Nolan’s Tenet Trailer Secretly Slides Into Theaters with Hobbs & Shaw

[ad_1] Christopher Nolan’s Tenet won’t be in theaters until July of 2020, which is nearly a year away. But Warner Bros. is wasting no time promoting the secretive project. This weekend, they are quietly slipping the teaser trailer for Nolan’s mysterious movie into theaters, and fans attending early screenings of Hobbs and Shaw were surprised […]