Russo brothers ‘not devastated or surprised’ Spider-Man is leaving MCU

[ad_1] The Russo brothers share their thoughts on Spider-Man leaving the MCU (Picture: Joanne Davidson/REX/Shutterstock) After it was revealed Spider-Man would be leaving the Marvel Cinematic Universe after negotiations between Marvel Studios and Sony fell flat, directing duo Anthony and Joe Russo have revealed they’re not at all surprised. In fact, they sort of saw […]

Director Joe Russo talks about Avengers Endgame ending

[ad_1] Joe Russo, the co-director of Avengers:Endgame has revealed he has no regrets over the film’s ending and would not change anything about the ending or plot twists. Speaking at a Talks With Google event, the director said he and his brother Anthony do not regret a thing of their final project with Marvel studios. […]