A Short Commentary on Recording History and Privacy

[ad_1] This opinion piece is reactionary to recent announcements. Having just attended the Huawei keynote here at the IFA trade show, there were a couple of new features enabled through AI that were presented on stage that made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end. Part of it is just an […]

Y Combinator grad Preclusio automates how companies comply with tech privacy regulations – 10minmail

[ad_1] Preclusio co-founders John and Heather Wade. (Preclusio Photo) The scary truth about many technology companies is that for years they’ve been vacuuming up vast quantities of personal data without even knowing what they’ve collected, how it’s being stored and used, and what sort of safeguards protect it from hackers. But that’s changing. In January […]

Privacy Fundamentalism – Stratechery by Ben Thompson

[ad_1] Farhad Manjoo, in the New York Times, ran an experiment on himself: Earlier this year, an editor working on The Times’s Privacy Project asked me whether I’d be interested in having all my digital activity tracked, examined in meticulous detail and then published — you know, for journalism…I had to install a version of […]