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[ad_1] It’s no secret that developers are some of the most in-demand professionals in the workforce today. But how does one get started? That’s the hardest part. Lucky for you, it’s not as complicated as going back to school.  The Complete Web and Mobile Developer Bundle can be a great primer for learning how to […]

The RetroBeat: 5 SNES that Nintendo Switch Online still needs

[ad_1] Super Nintendo games are finally on the Switch, and the initial library is fantastic. Nintendo put 20 SNES games on the Switch’s online service yesterday.. This already includes many of the 16-bit console’s heaviest hitters like Super Mario World, Yoshi’s Island, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and Super Metroid. It […]

Birds of Prey Teaser Won’t Release Online, Here’s How You Can See It

[ad_1] Warner Bros. is releasing a trailer for Birds of Prey this weekend, they just won’t be releasing it online. It’s been confirmed that the teaser for the latest DC Films release will be exclusively playing ahead of screenings of IT Chapter Two in theaters starting this weekend. However, in a bit of an unconventional […]

How Paymentwall’s Terminal3 lets game developers create their own online shops

[ad_1] Paymentwall built a business as a global payments platform, with much of its focus on games. Last year, the company spun out its Terminal3 as a platform for monetizing and distributing games. Now it is making it easier for indie, small, and medium-size game companies to build multiple customizable online shops, sell digital goods, […]

Earn digital marketing certifications with this series of online courses

[ad_1] TL;DR: The Digital Marketing Certification Training Bundle is on sale in the Mashable Shop, and you can pay whatever you want. With so many digital platforms out there, marketers are tasked with meeting audiences where they already are. You know the drill: Facebook and Snapchat, Pinterest and Instagram — the list goes on. But […]

This is what it’s like when a covert image of you goes viral online

[ad_1] When Rad Konieczny first saw a screenshot of the video, he felt physically sick. A friend of a friend was the first to spot it. They told the 24-year-old set/costume designer that there was a tweet out there with him in it, but it wasn’t until later that evening — when people started messaging […]