9 Best Coupon Apps In India To Save Money On Purchases

[ad_1] Shopaholics know the ultimate joy of buying things (small or big) and the sole meaning of retail therapy. Me being one myself, I need therapy more often than not. What could be more exciting than getting discounts or free coupons on a bill that could be the shock of your life? To pay heed […]

Neymar Jr ‘realises his dream’ as actor in Money Heist

[ad_1] Neymar Jr has made his acting debut as a monk in La Casa De Papel and the irony is killing us. The Paris Saint-Germain player revealed his brief cameo as a monk in the popular Spanish series – also known as Money Heist in English – about pulling off the biggest ‘heist’ in recorded […]

Annee Ngo engages students with e-sports tied to education and real money – 10minmail

[ad_1] Annee Ngo is co-founder and CEO of Startup League in Vancouver, B.C. (Photo courtesy of Annee Ngo) The popular belief may be that gaming and e-sports can serve to distract kids from focusing on what’s “really important,” but at Startup League in Vancouver, B.C., co-founder and CEO Annee Ngo believes a mobile game can […]

Internet scam data shows which states had most victims and lost most money

[ad_1] In brief: Everyone is potentially at risk of becoming a victim of cybercrime, but it appears you’re more likely to be scammed if you live in Alaska. CenturyLinkQuote examined the FBI’s annual report based on the Internet Crime Complaint Center to discover the number of victims in each US State and how much money […]

How eBay scammers turned Nespresso lovers into money mules

[ad_1] Nina Kollars just wanted a cheaper cup of coffee. Stumbling across an online credit card fraud ring was simply an added bonus.  As she explained to a crowd at the annual DEF CON hacking conference in Las Vegas, the associate professor at the Naval War College didn’t set out to become an unwitting money […]