Hacked sites attacked thousands of iPhones every week for years using undiscovered exploits

[ad_1] In what’s being touted as potentially one of the biggest attacks on iPhone users ever, Google has revealed that a collection of websites were hacked to deliver malware onto iPhones, with the iOS vulnerabilities involved going unchecked and undiscovered for years — as well as subsequent attacks. The hacks installed zero-interaction malware into unnamed […]

Apple re-patches vulnerability that briefly allowed users to jailbreak their iPhones

[ad_1] In context: When it comes to the smartphone arena, one major advantage Android devices have over their iOS counterparts is customization and user control. While that control occasionally comes with a few security drawbacks, generally speaking, Android users enjoy having the freedom to tweak their phones and download whatever apps they please with very […]

Apple will launch ‘Pro’ iPhones, larger MacBook Pro, and new iPads this year

[ad_1] In brief: Apple has several things to unveil next month, such as two camera-focused “Pro” iPhones, a new, larger MacBook Pro with a more reliable keyboard design, new iPads, and new Apple Watch casing options. The company is also preparing a few surprises for next year, such as a smaller, cheaper HomePod and new […]