Researchers Release A Guide To Create A Wormhole

[ad_1] Do you remember the iconic scene from Interstellar where Matthew McConaughey, using a wormhole, travels to a distant world — where one hour is equivalent to seven years on Earth? Researchers are working to make this piece of fiction a reality and have released a step-by-step guide to creating a wormhole. The theory mentions […]

Improving Brand Awareness: A Guide for Brands

[ad_1] There are some brands that have become so ingrained in global culture that they’ve entered into the modern lexicon: “Kleenex”, for example, has entirely replaced the word for tissue in a number of languages. This phenomenon is an offshoot of brand awareness, and it’s the goal of many advertising efforts. Indeed, not all marketing […]

A Guide to Email Branding (+ Tips on Creating Your Own Guidelines)

[ad_1] In email marketing, a strong brand personality creates recognition: customers that receive strongly branded emails can tell who the sender is as soon as they open the email without having to look at the “from” line.  The importance of branded emails is supported by data: on average, consistent brand presentation increases revenue by 23% […]