Apple Hits Back Hard At Google And Defends iOS Security

[ad_1] When Google revealed via its findings that Apple’s ecosystem isn’t as safe as we think it to be, it came as a shock to Apple. Responding to Google, Apple has defended its security system, clarifying that Apple ain’t here to take anyone’s shit. Apple’s response to Google Apple, via an official press release, has […]

Vacasa integrates with Google to bring its vacation rental properties to the top of search results – 10minmail

[ad_1] Vacasa integrates with Google to bring its vacation rental properties to the top of search results – 10minmail By administrator September 5, 2019  10minmail, bring, Google, integrates, properties, rental, results, Search, Top, Vacasa, Vacation Inside Vacasa’s Portland headquarters. (Vacasa Photo) Vacasa users can now search for and book vacation rentals on Google, thanks to […]

Google and Amazon Smart Speakers Use “Surveillance” — Betaworks CEO

[ad_1] In an interview with Yahoo Finance Editor-in-Chief Andy Serwer, top tech investor and Betaworks CEO, John Borthwick said that the information gathering by smart devices from the likes of Google and Amazon is “surveillance.” “From a consumer standpoint, user standpoint, is that these– these [smart] devices are being used for what’s– it’s hard to […]

iPhone Hack Uncovered By Google Even Targeted Android And Windows

[ad_1] The unprecedented iPhone hack is bigger than we initially imagined. Sources gathered by Forbes reveal that devices running Google’s Android and Microsoft’s Windows operating system were also targeted in what Google described as an “indiscriminate” attack. Recently, TechCrunch learned that the massive hack was actually a state-backed attack specifically designed to target the Uyghur […]

Huawei’s Mate 30 will launch without Google apps and services

[ad_1] In brief: The confusion surrounding Huawei’s future relationship with Google is continuing after the US company said the Mate 30 won’t launch with its apps and services or official Android. Speaking to Reuters, a Google Spokesman said that “the Mate 30 cannot be sold with licensed Google apps and services due to the U.S. […]

Huawei’s Upcoming Flagship Mate 30 Won’t Have Google Apps

[ad_1] Huawei, the second-largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, is again stuck between the ongoing trade war between China and the US. The White House has once again imposed a ban on US companies for conducting business with Huawei — landing a major blow to Huawei’s upcoming Mate 30 flagship. Conforming to the Verge, Google […]

Google Maps ‘Mix Transit’ Combines Biking And Ride Sharing With Public Transit

[ad_1] Traveling from one place to another? Even if you know the commute you’ll at least look once at the Google Maps app to make sure you are on the right track. That’s the extent of Google Maps integrated into our lives, although, there could be days when it puts you in the middle of […]

Google Maps will now suggest ridesharing, cycling options for ‘first and last mile’ transportation

[ad_1] In brief: Getting around modern cities is hardly a straightforward process; especially for those who haven’t lived in them their entire lives. Fortunately, services like Google Maps exist, which provide you with clear and concise directions to help you get from point A to point B. Today, Maps is about to get just a […]

Google Reveals Android 10 Release Date In The Most Unexpected Way

[ad_1] It’s that time of the year when Android fans eagerly wait for the next major Android version. However, in 2019, Google has made a slight delay and Android 10 will come out next week (Android Pie was released on August 6, 2018). The information became public in the most unexpected way. PhoneArena and a […]

Google joins forces with Dell to challenge Microsoft for enterprise customers

[ad_1] The big picture: Google is joining forces with one of Microsoft’s biggest partners to help lure business customers away from Windows-based laptops. Chromebooks have found success in the education sector but their adoption on the enterprise side has been hindered by the overwhelming success of Windows. Is that destined to change? Google and Dell […]