Margot Robbie’s Tank Girl Reboot Gets Dreamland Director Miles Joris-Peyrafitte

[ad_1] Just after learning that Margot Robbie was working on a Tank Girl Reboot, some new details have come to light regarding the project. It’s been revealed that Miles Joris-Peyrafitte has been tapped to direct the new version of the cult British comic book. While in the early stages of development, the plan is to […]

Tank Girl Reboot Is Happening with Margot Robbie

[ad_1] It looks like Margot Robbie is getting further into the world of comic book movies. The actress is reportedly developing a Tank Girl Reboot under her LuckyChap banner. Robbie is currently in the middle of some Birds of Prey reshoots and will more than likely officially join the cast of James Gunn’s The Suicide […]

Hot Girl Summer is over. Here are some name suggestions for fall.

[ad_1] With Labor Day behind us, Hot Girl Summer is coming to an end and fall is fast approaching. It’s time to leave behind the White Claw and pick up a pumpkin-flavored beverage, to snap closed the sunscreen bottles and light a comforting pie-scented candle, and perhaps most importantly, it’s time to name the new […]

Stephen King’s The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon Movie Happening with George Romero’s Wife

[ad_1] Yet another one of Stephen King’s works is set to get the big screen treatment. It’s come to light that the author’s 1999 novel The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon is being adapted into a movie, with a very interesting team coming together to make it happen. Chris Romero, wife of the late horror […]

Here’s why everyone’s talking about ‘Christian Girl Autumn’

[ad_1] Are you wondering why, in the full heat of summer, you’ve seen so many tweets roasting a lifestyle blogger’s fall outfit? Or the phrase “Christian Girl Autumn?”  No, it’s not because Starbucks is releasing the Pumpkin Spice Latte early this year, although that announcement did send fall skyrocketing to the top of my particular […]