‘Fleabag’ Hot Priest satisfies thirsty fans with canned gin and tonics

[ad_1] Kneel. Now drink. Fleabag‘s Hot Priest, who gave the internet a new religion after Season 2 launched on Amazon Prime in May, is here to answer your prayers. Or more importantly, quench our thirst for him.  At least that’s what actor Andrew Scott and show creator/star Phoebe Waller-Bridge did for fans waiting in line […]

This new smartphone satire is like ‘Fleabag’ for wannabe influencers

[ad_1] Be honest: How many actual human beings know you better than your phone does? Even your best friend doesn’t see the messages you type, then delete; the photos that never make it to Instagram; the over-the-line tweets in your Drafts folder; the things you shouldn’t have to Google, but do anyway. Imagine you accidentally […]