Why NASCAR raced into esports in 2019 – Tempemail

[ad_1] [Temp Email] In many ways, NASCAR feels like a good fit for esports. The views from the cockpit of a race car can be thrilling. It’s fast, and and mayhem can happen any time cars bunch up on the track. While EA and 2K have been able to get esports for Madden and NBA […]

Annee Ngo engages students with e-sports tied to education and real money – 10minmail

[ad_1] Annee Ngo is co-founder and CEO of Startup League in Vancouver, B.C. (Photo courtesy of Annee Ngo) The popular belief may be that gaming and e-sports can serve to distract kids from focusing on what’s “really important,” but at Startup League in Vancouver, B.C., co-founder and CEO Annee Ngo believes a mobile game can […]