7 Labor Day Email Examples to Inspire Your Next Campaign

[ad_1] Summer is coming to an end faster than we’d like to admit. With Labor Day just around the corner, this is a prime time for email marketers to send targeted email campaigns when people have more time to shop and discover brands.   While often overlooked by more popular summer holidays like the Fourth of […]

How to Use Wifi Marketing to Grow Your Email List

[ad_1] Wifi marketing is one of the easiest ways to grow your email list and get customers through your doors. 77% of businesses rate it as ‘important’ or ‘very important’ to their business, and it’s clear why. Done right, Wifi marketing can be super effective. For the small price of a commercial WiFi package, you […]

Email Subject Line Best Practices: 7 Tips with Examples

[ad_1] It’s 2019 and by now, most businesses know that having a strong online presence and digital marketing strategy is key to surviving in the modern market. And while some things change or become outdated as time passes, others simply evolve and adapt to the new status quo. Email marketing is one of the latter.  […]

6 Ways To Drive Traffic With Email Marketing

[ad_1] Email marketing is one of the easiest ways to increase website traffic and roughly 60% of marketers believe that email marketing provides their best ROI. In fact, you’re 6x more likely to get traffic from emails than from tweets and 99% of consumers still check their email every day, with over half of them […]

A Guide to Email Branding (+ Tips on Creating Your Own Guidelines)

[ad_1] In email marketing, a strong brand personality creates recognition: customers that receive strongly branded emails can tell who the sender is as soon as they open the email without having to look at the “from” line.  The importance of branded emails is supported by data: on average, consistent brand presentation increases revenue by 23% […]

7 Reasons to OptIn’19 – SparkPost Email Deliverability Blog

[ad_1] In the past SparkPost has held customer forums where we’ve only invited existing customers to participate. That seemed kind of exclusive and not reflective of our welcoming company culture. This year, we decided to do away with our customer forum and instead offer a vendor-agnostic industry conference where everyone can learn and benefit from […]