Why Harry Styles Really Turned Down Prince Eric Role in Disney’s The Little Mermaid

[ad_1] Harry Styles turned down Disney’s the Little Mermaid remake to focus on his music. Reports started to surface in July that he was in talks to take on the role of Prince Eric. However, it was later revealed he declined the role. Both the studio and Harry Styles have been quiet about the matter, […]

Disney’s Jungle Cruise Footage Arrives at D23 with The Rock and Emily Blunt

[ad_1] Disney’s Jungle Cruise movie was previewed at D23 today by Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt. The two playfully gave an overview of the story and revealed what long-time fans of the Disneyland ride can expect when the movie finally hits theaters. Johnson sailed into the large hall riding a wheeled river boat, which earned […]

Disney’s Lady and the Tramp Features Rescue Dog from Shelter as Its Lead

[ad_1] Disney’s Lady and the Tramp remake is set for a release on Disney+ in November, and the anticipated movie will star a rescued shelter dog from Arizona named Monte. When it came to casting the titular Tramp in the updated version of the animated classic, the filmmakers did some scouting at HALO Animal Rescue […]

Disney’s Home Alone Remake Gets Roasted by Dictionary.com

[ad_1] Home Alone is a classic holiday movie, and it has been since it was released nearly 30 years ago. With that being said, Disney has announced their plans to take the iconic movie and remake it for their upcoming Disney+ streaming service. While some people are pretty happy to see the studio going back […]