John Travolta didn’t even know Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst could even direct

[ad_1] Travolta transforms into a maniac with a bowl cut. (Picture: Chris Rickett/The Fanatic) We don’t usually expect to hear John Travolta and Limp Bizkit in the same sentence, but it’s a bromance we can get behind. The 65-year-old stars as Moose in The Fanatic which is written and directed by the nu-metal band’s frontman […]

JT LeRoy: Savannah Knoop on playing literary icon who didn’t exist

[ad_1] JT LeRoy, also known as Jeremiah, or Terminator, became a literary sensation upon the release of his semi-autobiographical book Sarah in 1999. The teenager turned to writing after a horrendously abusive childhood, in which he was sold for sex in parking lots in West Virginia by his sex worker mother, Sarah, and took inspiration […]