The first webcam ever was deployed at Cambridge University, it was designed to monitor…? Trivia

[ad_1] Fed up with walking to an empty coffee pot, computer scientists at Cambridge University are said to have deployed the first webcam in 1991 to monitor the coffee levels from their desks, which were scattered across many rooms and floors. The camera provided a 128×128 pixel grayscale image of the coffee pot at a […]

Why this console carrying case is popular with gamers, pro athletes, and deployed soldiers – 10minmail

[ad_1] The GAEMS Guardian personal gaming environment debuted this month. (GAEMS Photo) GAEMS (Gaming and Entertainment Mobile Systems) is primarily known for its line of “personal gaming environments,” hard-shell protective carrying cases for video game consoles which feature built-in flat-screen monitors and stereo speakers. While the Redmond, Wash.-based company keeps a surprisingly low profile, its […]