James Bond stuntman soar through the air on motorbike in dangerous scenes

[ad_1] That looks just a tad bit dangerous (Picture: Splash News) The next James Bond installment won’t be scrimping on the stunts judging by the latest jaw-dropping scenes for No Time To Die. Filming for the latest 007 movie, which will star Daniel Craig and Naomie Harris, headed to Matera, Italy to film some particularly […]

A sonic cyberattack could cause speakers to play dangerous sounds

[ad_1] Weapons that injure crowds of people by emitting dangerous sounds may seem like the stuff of science fiction. Unfortunately, malicious hackers might be able to do just that — but with Bluetooth- or WiFi-capable smartphones, headphones, speakers, or laptops. Researcher Matt Wixey is unveiling research at the Def Con hacking conference that shows the […]