Cloud storage performance: The difference between availability and durability

[ad_1] When you turn the key in your car’s ignition, plug an appliance into a wall socket, or double-click a document stored on your hard drive, you know what’s going to happen next. These things just work. But in the cloud, your valuable files are in someone else’s hands. Are you sure you can count […]

The AWS Cloud Post Exploitation Framework!

[ad_1] barq: The AWS Cloud Post Exploitation framework! What is it?barq is a post-exploitation framework that allows you to easily perform attacks on a running AWS infrastructure. It allows you to attack running EC2 instances without having the original instance SSH keypairs. It also allows you to perform enumeration and extraction of stored Secrets and […]

Netmarble’s Simon Sim on Hollywood licenses, mobile’s future, and cloud gaming

[ad_1] Netmarble has a knack for coming up with mobile game hits, including titles such as Lineage 2: Revolution, Marvel Future Fight, and BTS World. It is updating those games constantly and it is launching new titles such as Rich Wars and The King of Fighters Allstar. Lineage 2 has more than 30 million players and […]

Indictment says accused Capital One hacker also used exploited cloud servers for cryptojacking – 10minmail

[ad_1] (BigStock Photo) A federal grand jury indicted Paige Thompson, a former Amazon engineer, on multiple counts of wire fraud and computer fraud on allegations that she not only stole data but also mined cryptocurrency after infiltrating the cloud servers of Capital One and more than 30 other companies. While the alleged incidents of data […]

How Microsoft and Oracle became cloud buddies, and what’s next for their improbable partnership – 10minmail

[ad_1] Don Johnson, executive vice president of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, describes the Microsoft partnership as “easy and natural,” despite a rocky history between the companies, given their shared interest in serving their joint customers. (10minmail Photo / Todd Bishop) Splashy partnerships between big tech companies can be hard to take seriously. Implementing them with success […]

Google Cloud vets launch Seattle startup Kaskada to bolster machine learning tech with real-time data – 10minmail

[ad_1] The Kaskada leadership team, from left to right: Davor Bonaci, Ben Chambers, and Emily Kruger. (Kaskada Photo) After spending several years working at Google Cloud, Davor Bonaci and Ben Chambers saw an opportunity to help companies take better advantage of machine learning technology. Their idea turned into Kaskada, a Seattle-based startup that is launching […]