Forget the VMAs. The BTS ARMY created their own award show on Twitter.

[ad_1] Monday marked the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards. And while we got Lil Nas X clowning us with his giant scroll speech and Lizzo being an absolute queen, there was a distinct absence of one thing — BTS.  That’s not to say the massively popular group didn’t win any awards. Oh no, they cleaned […]

Avengers Endgame secrets: Marvel Boss Kevin Feige reveals BTS moments

[ad_1] Kevin Feige will tell you his Marvel secrets (Picture: Getty Images for THR) If you wanted to get the goss on the latest Avengers quest, Endgame, Kevin Feige is your man. As the head of Marvel Studios he also served as a producer on the latest epic which saw the Avengers finally down the […]