Telegram C# C2 – A Command and Control Tool for Telegram Bot Communication

[ad_1] Command and Control for C# WritingAuthor: LeiothrixTelegram: @LeiothrixTwitter: @wh4am1Team: QQ愛&Love Install Nuget download these package using System.IO; using Telegram.Bot; using Telegram.Bot.Args; using Telegram.Bot.Types.InputFiles; using AForge.Video; using AForge.Controls; using AForge.Video.DirectShow; Add related classes in ‘References’ System.Drawing; System.Windows.Forms; How to used Modify your Token to the program static void Main() botClient = new TelegramBotClient(“token”); //Your Token […]

AI Bot Writes Batman Movie Script, and the First Page Is Pretty Hilarious

[ad_1] We’ve got a while to wait before The Batman actually hits theaters. In the meantime, DC fans are doing what they can to get their Caped Crusader fix. Once such fan decided it would be a good idea to have a bot watch hours upon hours of Batman movies to see what an AI-generated […]