The iPhone and Apple’s Services Strategy – Stratechery by Ben Thompson

[ad_1] Editor’s Note: Stratechery was referenced in yesterday’s keynote. I had no knowledge of or awareness of this reference, and have no relationship with Apple, up-to-and-including not owning their stock individually, as explained in my ethics policy. It is the normal course for Apple events to come and go and people to complain about how […]

Privacy Fundamentalism – Stratechery by Ben Thompson

[ad_1] Farhad Manjoo, in the New York Times, ran an experiment on himself: Earlier this year, an editor working on The Times’s Privacy Project asked me whether I’d be interested in having all my digital activity tracked, examined in meticulous detail and then published — you know, for journalism…I had to install a version of […]

The WeWork IPO – Stratechery by Ben Thompson

[ad_1] There is a reason — beyond the fact it is August — that WeWork’s upcoming IPO has driven so much discussion: it is a document defined by audaciousness, both in terms of the company’s vision and also the flagrant disregard for corporate governance norms by its leadership. And, of course, massive losses despite massive […]

Ben Affleck and Ana De Armas to star in erotic thriller Deep Water

[ad_1] Ben is set to star alongside Ana De Armas (Picture: Getty Images) Ben Affleck and Bond girl Ana De Armas are set to star in erotic thriller Deep Water as they take on something new. The Gone Girl actor will star alongside the Bond 25 actress in the upcoming flick which is based on […]