Apple researchers improve Siri’s ability to match commands with domains

[ad_1] It’s no great secret that Apple’s voice assistant has plenty of room for improvement. The Cupertino company is aware of this — in June, it debuted an improved neural text-to-speech model capable of delivering a more natural-sounding voice without the use of samples. And in a newly published research paper on the preprint server […]

Apple Hits Back Hard At Google And Defends iOS Security

[ad_1] When Google revealed via its findings that Apple’s ecosystem isn’t as safe as we think it to be, it came as a shock to Apple. Responding to Google, Apple has defended its security system, clarifying that Apple ain’t here to take anyone’s shit. Apple’s response to Google Apple, via an official press release, has […]

Apple to allow independent iPhone repairs

[ad_1] But before you can start heading to your nearest repair-person, there are a few caveats. Read more… More about Tech, Apple, Iphone, Smartphones, and Mashable Video Temp Mails ( is a new free temporary email addresses service. This service provide you random 10 minutes emails addresses. It is also known by names like: temporary […]

Apple AirPods Lose To Samsung Galaxy Buds In Sound Quality Test: Consumer Reports

[ad_1] Consumer Reports, a non-profit organization dedicated to unbiased reviews of consumer products, has recently published a comparison between Apple AirPods and Samsung Galaxy Buds. Testing the two wireless earbuds on the basis of ‘Sound Quality,’ it was concluded that Galaxy Buds are better than Apple AirPods. Consumer Reports found that AirPods deliver solid thump […]

Apple re-patches vulnerability that briefly allowed users to jailbreak their iPhones

[ad_1] In context: When it comes to the smartphone arena, one major advantage Android devices have over their iOS counterparts is customization and user control. While that control occasionally comes with a few security drawbacks, generally speaking, Android users enjoy having the freedom to tweak their phones and download whatever apps they please with very […]

Apple will launch ‘Pro’ iPhones, larger MacBook Pro, and new iPads this year

[ad_1] In brief: Apple has several things to unveil next month, such as two camera-focused “Pro” iPhones, a new, larger MacBook Pro with a more reliable keyboard design, new iPads, and new Apple Watch casing options. The company is also preparing a few surprises for next year, such as a smaller, cheaper HomePod and new […]

Apple Watch accessories and charging docks on sale

[ad_1] The Apple Watch is often regarded as a perfect piece of tech. Not only is it trendy, but it’s also extremely customizable and feature-rich, leaving little to be desired. But even then, you can still trick it out with accessories to improve your experience. Whether you’re on the hunt for a new charging dock […]

Every Apple, Google, and Samsung phone you can buy with a headphone jack

[ad_1] In the not-too-distant past, you used to be able to buy a smartphone knowing that any pair of headphones you bought would work with it. From the most questionable $10 earbuds to the best Bluetooth headphones, there was no mystery involved. They would just work. That’s not the case anymore, thanks to the unjust, […]